Cheat the System: Look Thinner Instantly With Just One Move

Posted by Nicolette Mayer on 2nd Jan 2015

Well, it's that time of year when many of us take one look in the mirror and vow to hit the gym to get rid of all those extra pounds we gained this holiday season. While a healthy diet and exercise regimen are important for your health, there's no reason to wait months to see the results of your hard work. Luxxe women's shapewear offers an easy and affordable way to look thinner instantly, just by getting dressed!

Shapewear undergarments are an essential element of most women's wardrobe, but they can be so uncomfortable and only target specific areas. In contrast, our updated clothing technology allows the shapewear is built-in directly to our clothes. This means no more old-lady style girdles or high-waisted and expensive panty-hose. Luxxetech fabric is designed to compress more than it stretches, meaning it doesn't lose its shape. It has memory retention, which is a 4-way stretch that compresses and conforms directly to your body for your ultimate comfort. Even better, it is color-fade resistant so you can wash it over and over again without worrying about losing shape or color.

If you're not sure where to begin, we recommend investing in a pair of slimming pants. These are classy and stylish with a bootcut leg, and are perfect for any activity from going to work to going out on the town. Stick with classic black or venture out into red, navy, or tiffany blue. Oh what the heck, get one in every color! Our slimming pants have built-in shapewear without panels or liners, resulting in a truly slimming pant design without bulk. The best part is, they're incredibly comfortable! Stretchy fabric compression works with your body throughout your active day, and their wrinkle-free formula makes these pants perfect for a busy day as well as for travel.

Pairing slim pants with a slim shirt will smooth out a muffin top and result in a smooth and sleek look without any extra work on your part. You'll look 10 pounds lighter instantly and have the confidence you need to focus on your busy life instead of your muffin top. To make things even easier in the morning, our camis are made with built-in bras. Now you don't even need to worry about undergarments!

For more information on our line of slimming clothing or for ordering information, contact us today!